Thursday, March 16, 2017

Individualist culture v Collectivist polity

The miss match between people's general individualistic outlook and the collectivist democratic system is glaringly obvious and such internal contradictions will only be resolved by a rejection of the umbrella state and its micromanaging invasive structures. The slow evolution of this trajectory whilst tedious to observe is preferable to bloody revolution.As Uberfication of the economy and growing automatisation continues people will demand a state that reflects these changes and reject top down centralisation of the super state in favour of a a bespoke indivdiualised autonomy in regards to their personal affairs. Old tribalised structures no longer exist and politcal parties predicated on them are dying on the vine.The polity is lumbering reluctantly but inexorably into the 21st century notwithstanding all the efforts of the corrupt political class desperate to hang on to their bloated emolument troughing parasitic existence.

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