Monday, March 13, 2017

Religion's Cancerous Legacy

People will often assert that the UK is a residualy Christian country in that it rests on a Christian heritage. This is true regrettably and explains why everything has been infected by it and this is particularly so in its politics and applies equally across most of Europe. With such a mystical irrational base it is hardly surprising that most of its political ethos shares the shaky foundations of irrationalism and that is to include its philosophy. Most of philosophy takes its cue from religion and is shot through with arbitrary postulates,wild assertions,irrationalism and altruistic premises. Until people can reject the religious foundation of modern politics and root out its altruistic elements there is no hope whatsoever of rejecting statism,collectivism and welfarism. Until it is recognised that statism is but a secular version of Christianity and religion in general there is no hope whatsoever in countering it effectively on the philosophical grounds upon which it is based.

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