Friday, March 24, 2017

The Depravity of Religion

It is interesting how many hardened criminals are drawn to Izlam with its depraved message of totalitarian authoritarianism and human bestiality. It is no radical departure to move from the first to the second but just a logical move across a continuum of evil.A religion that had at its foundation a depraved illiterate epileptic paedophile called Mohumud could not but fail to attract criminal delinquents such as the one who carried out the horrific terrorist attack on Westminster Bridge.Criminals without religion have no moral justification for their lifestyle -religion provides it.It is the fuel of their anger.Without religion evil would have nowhere to hide,no rationalisation.This is why islam thrives in prisons and they are one of its chief recruiting sources.

What happens after a terrorist atrocity? People light candles,have vigils,say prayers and this is just more feeding of the beast of religion,the source of all evil.They speak of not letting the terrorists destroy our values but what are they exactly? Beyond empty bromides about freedom they never say.They no more believe in freedom and liberty than the Islamists do as amply illustrated by their depradations on liberty,freedom of speech,individual rights and their massive expansion of the oppressive State with its millions of apparatchiks, stifling regulations and taxation raids.

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