Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Brexitania Waive the Rules

What's all the fuss about -we are leaving, end of. We should have free trade with zero tarriffs,open borders to all but muslims until the Jihadi problem is solved. The only bar to entry should be terrorists and those with infectious diseases. We owe the EU zero money,they  owe us billions, they shall have not a penny of Danegeld.They need us to trade with so its all hot air,rhetoirc and bluff that a three year old child could see through.The mainstream liberal media is peddling a daily stream of lies and fake news re the EU because it is desperate to keep us EU slaves and it is deploying black propaganda to that end. We shall be free, the EU will soon be a distant nightmare dispelled by the bright vistas and sunny uplands of liberty and the endless opportunities of international free trade.

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