Thursday, March 23, 2017

Democracy Under Attack!

The political class is relishing its opportunity to display its virtue in the wake of the terrorist attack on its hallowed institution and the spin is in overdrive. This noble thing Democracy is under attack,we are its guardians, we will resist,remain stout choose your bromides ad nauseam. They actually believe this stuff some of them, inhabiting as they do a parallel universe from the one the rest of us have to labour under, beneath the sway of their oppressive rule. Yes Wahabist jihadism is a threat but a minor one compared to the daily one we live under from the Democrats who violate our civil liberties 24/7, they pose a far greater risk to our freedoms and individual rights and they are entrenched by centuries of tradition set in stone with an iron like grip on the conciousness of the electorate who believe the crap they disgorge. Give me a few deranged religious nihilists over the serried ranks of the corupt elite establishment who have their clammy fingers over the windpipe of the nation and like nothing better than to exert a daily squeeze to stifle the life out of the people who foolishly give their craven sanction to the sociopaths of Westminster and its purlieus.

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