Saturday, March 18, 2017

Robots, the Socialist's Nightmare

The answer to complete socialisation of the workplace is - Robots! They don't go on strike -or only for a few hours before they are tweaked back into productivity,they don't get pregnant,don't demand maternity leave, paternity leave, holidays,pay rises,anti discrimination rights ad nauseam. They are capitalism's answer to unions: we don't need you,you whined perpetually about  being exploited,well you will be exploited no more,your fired! The only people who will be needed are those as intelligent or more intelligent than robots,it will be an aritstocracy of intellect,the age of little men is over,the rule of mediocrity will come to an end to be replaced by meritocracy and the rule of reason. Want to sue  Uber for unfair work practices and employee rights? Two words to you my socialist fiend: Driverless Cars! You will no longer be exploited by the capitalist system,your wish will be granted.May your little collectivist souls rest in peace.

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