Monday, March 06, 2017

Who is Altruistic?

It's been said that Ayn Rand's philosophy of selfishness and anti altruism cannot take root because people are altruistic by nature almost and it is a futile struggle doomed to defeat. But who is altruistic  -no one would sacrifice their children's lives for the children next door so it is a principle honoured in the breach and not the observance anyway. To bring this fact out in the open in public discourse would go a long way to remove the stigma of anti altuism and the results of such self sacrificial creed could also be pointed to namely the State's established right to help itself to the everyone's bank account. Once that right  has been accepted people have effectively relinquished control of their lives to the State. The only way to wrest control back is for people to assert the principle of individual rights and to reject the self immolating ideology of altruism ie collectivism. As the chancellor prepares to announce a tax raid on the self employed in the upcoming budget the need to challenge the evil creed of altruism is as vital as ever. The self employed should stop supplying the conservatives with the rope to hang them with by not voting them into power ever again.

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