Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Democracy Cult Endgame

The present political upheaval across Western Democracies could well presage a post democratic age as people begin to assert their nascent  autonomy and their rage becomes more focused on the political system itself and its primitive nature.The cult of democracy is beginning to crack as its glassy eyed adherents begin to question its assumptions and arrogations of power from the individual to the mythical construct of society.Just as religion has lost its grip on the culture so the politics of divide and rule that is democracy is beginning to look vulnerable and assume a very precarious status. As Democracy's cumberous and onerous limitations become more glaring pressure will mount on the political class to delimit its power and relinquish the micromanaging control it exerts in all its infuriating arrogant authoritarian arbitrary and dictatorial manifestations. Democracy will ultimately be rejected as people begin to perceive that it violates their right to self autonomy and individual choice.

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