Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Mystery of Democracy

Why would people want to hand over control of their lives to others ie politicians through a system of majority rule? To put and rest the decisions of some of the most important aspects of their lives to the vote of others? Wish someone would explain it as I have never been able to understand it.What lack of confidence and self esteem it demonstrates and what cavalier disregard for the rights of others to regard such a system as commendable and worthy of defending and championing.A man who cannot control his finances cannot control his life and such is the state of affairs in a democracy. It must be that the majority of people do not want to take responsibility for their own affairs and wish to delegate it to others. But what about the people who are not afraid of that responsibility? The agony for them is incalculable. Living under a system that denies them that fundamental inalienable right to self determination and autonomy is nothing less than unbearable servitude.Will they ever revolt or just continue to acquiesce in their slow mind destroying self immolation?

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