Sunday, March 26, 2017

Douglas Carswell Man of Honour

He has left a sinking ship,a decent honourable man who had to join Ukip out of principle and had to leave it for the same reason. He was despised and hated by most Ukipers because he believed in decent values,immigration,capitalism and was not afraid to critique the party for its nativism which is just a polite word for xenophobia. A classical liberal he did not like the statist character of Ukip but stayed in the party  holding his nose till the job was done. Now it is we no longer have to pretend that Ukip is anything other than a nasty collectivist statist nationalist racist group of malcontents whose raison d etre has been taken from them by their own success.Kudos to them for their stunning achievement,now let them do the decent thing and dissolve into the history books before they tarnish themselves any further.

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