Thursday, March 09, 2017

Further Socialist Experiments in the LabourTory

Hammond's raid on the self employed with the National Insurance rate hike in yesterday's budget is proof positive of what I have been saying for the longest time that the Tories are no friend of business or capitalism and have been miss selling themselves on that front for decades in one of the biggest cases of political fraud in history. The only reason they are able to get away with it is because they have been mischaracterised as being the party of business by the Left and the label has stuck but there has never been any evidence  to support it and the Left has unwittingly paid the tories a compliment that they do not deserve.

This travesty of the facts will continue until a political movement emerges that challenges the Tory hegemeony for right now those in favour of a hands off approach by the State to business have nowhere else to go politically and they are like those opposed to canibalsim who end up having to vote for the political party that want less canibalsim than the other parties but still adheres to the principle that there is nothing wrong with it in moderation but as we have seen the tory appetite for predatory socialist taxation grows with the feeding. It seems in politics the electorate can vote for any party they like -as long as it is statist.

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