Saturday, March 04, 2017

Beware of Dystopic Utopias

The R4 Today prog this morning featured a 'radical' utopian vision and two of the writer's radical ideas were a 15 hour week (Ted heath got there first) and a Living Wage which we have heard a lot about in recent times. How old tired collectivist ideas can be presented as radical I do not know but it shows the moral intellectual bankruptcy of the Left that it could come up with such assinine statist interventions that would require even more coercion than the old left had envisioned. No mention of course was made of who would be footing the bill for this orgy of wealth redistribution. As the movers and shakers would only be working 15 hours a week it is hard to see where the money would be coming from as no wealth would be produced under such a bizarre system in the first place. This is just a desperate makeover of the welfare state but a massive extension of it which will only produce poverty and social disintegration and illustrataes how the left never dies it just reconstitutes itself in another guise pedaling the same old collectivist snake oil remedies in new bottles.  

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