Saturday, March 11, 2017

Politics - Organized crime

The corrupt ruling class of  political elites  is reaching the end of its decadent reign, having engorged itself on the public coffers leaving nothing but a ballooning out of control debt yet still borrowing more and mortgaging the future of the yet unborn, all of which leads to the inevitable collapse of its liberalist statist hegemony with only indeterminate the time of its final demise into ignominy and self destruction. People understand more than ever the choiceless choice laid out before them in stark relief of the Democratic fraud with identical parties engaged in ritualised faux emnity all standing in line for their turn at the public emolument trough,playing groups off against one another for power at any cost, bankrupting the nation in the process with nothing but feeble public interest bromides as fig leafs for their naked power lust and desire for the unearned,depradated and usurped wealth of the people.

The opposition to this cancerous parasitic orgy of statism is nowhere to be seen,a vacuum exists and shows no sign of being filled by anything other than an even more extreme version of the status quo namely alt rightism or alt leftism. The silence of the intellectuals is deafening and we are truly sleepwalking towards totalitarianism with no sign that this drift can be halted. A few distant voices warn of the coming danger but the enclaved Objectivist movement is nascent at best if not totally powerless and needs decades to mature into a viable alternative,decades it is clear we may not have. Still we can but persist in pointing out the folly and sheer unreality of the present course as the State veers perilously close to the edge of the cliff taking its people with it over the abyss.

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