Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Illiberal Liberals. Postcript

The second best thing about Brexit apart from the result itself is that it has exposed liberals as profoundly illiberal and this is beneficial in incalculable ways and could well toll the death knell of the liberal establishment itself. It must have come as a profound  shock and outrage on an almost existential level to millions of people to learn that liberals who practically invented Democracy do no believe in it at all and such information is so damning and and shocking it may well take time for them to fully integrate it. For those who look at liberalism closely however it will come as no surprise at all as the whole liberal cause with its suffocating paternalism,its welfarist agenda and massive programmes of State enlargement is the very antithesis of classical 19th century liberalism and seen in that proper context the illiberal behaviour of the Remoaners is perfectly consistent with their core beliefs and attitudes.

Liberals do not believe in the inalienable autonomy of the individual,theirs is a collectivist vision of top down Statism showering the helpless minions with welfare largesse in a we- know-what -is -good -for -you condescension of middle class patronage.Yes they nod towards a ballot-based democracy but woe betide the electorate if they vote in a way not in accordance with their Liberalist world view -then we see the contempt those liberals have and their demand that there be another vote until the electorate give the 'right' answer.Hence their response to Brexit and seen in this light it should surprise no one that they are attempting to re run the referendum and sabotage it via the house of commons and Lords.Liberals never believed in liberty and Democracy and here's the proof. The damage it has done to their cause is immeasurable and for this at least some good has come of it.

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