Friday, March 03, 2017

Psychopathology of Religious Thought and its Equivalents

Man unrestrained by reason is but his former animal self, governed by preternatural  passions,atavistic instincts and barbarous inclinations which with a tincture of culture he seeks to rationalise with religious apologetics or their secular outcrop Marxism. It is significant that many former religionists abandoned their faith and embraced Marxism but the traffick whilst predominantly in that direction does go the other way too occasionally and is best exemplified by journalist and broadcaster Peter Hitchens who appears to have gone from an avowed Marxist to an avowed Christian overnight ommitting all the common half way compromises in between. It does not take much observation of either moral and intellectual disciplines to see all the glaring similarities between them with the one over arching shared common denominator between them namely their mutual impulse to control human behaviour in an absolute and dictatorial way.Whether it be the totalitarian Marxism or the equally totalitarian Christianity the result is the same,human beings seen as non autonomous fodder to be controlled and shaped by external forces whether it be the supreme State or the supreme Godhead from another dimension.

Rather like the mother who cannot control her offspring and will threaten them with dire consequences when their father returns the religious rulers would threaten their congregation with the direst of consequences if they did not desist from their sinful practices and so gain control and ascendancy over them. To threaten and instill fear inside others by warning them of some supernatural punishment after death is to exert the ultimate control over them in the here and now and such is human nature in its desire to control others. The secular totalitarians do the same thing but both impostors should be rejected wholesale and reason and rationality put in their place if mankind is ever to reach its true human potential or indeed to survive at all.

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