Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Liberal Conservatism

To say that there is a strain of 20th century liberalism in Conservatism would be a huge understatement as the latter is primarily a Conservative form of watered down liberalism which shares all the liberal assumptions and premises of altruism and redistribution of wealth via the taxation system but just run and organized in a more semi business friendly way.The most perfect personification of this Conservative liberalism is John Major and Heseltine who have both in the last week articulated an almost identical critique of the Brexit result in the self same paternalistic condescending liberal manner. Indeed,if you did not know it was Major who made the speech you would think it had come from a liberal. This Liberal Conservatism dominates pretty much the whole party and is personified in its leader Theresa May herself, a Remainer let it not be forgot.Until people wake up to this and cease giving the Conservatives the benefit of the doubt they will continue to perpetrate this political fraud and cling on to power taking the country further down the road to serfdom.

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