Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Democracy Is Slavery!

Mr Elephant in the drawing room Democracy is the problem.It is the mantra all Demagogues use when they wish to enslave the masses with their own vote.Like the Jews who paid for their rail journey to the gas chambers we pay our slavemasters and go freely to the ballot box to do it.Socialism via mind control has got pretty much everyone in its grip and only the blogosphere is attempting to awaken the living dead to its plight but there is no sign of the life as yet from the corpse of the UK Collective which suggests the rot has gone too deep and there will be no immaculate resurrection from the dead.

We are effectively crying in the wildernesss.The mainstream media has become a cesspit of Statism and in the words of the stalwart Fox presenter Glen Beck is the true fringe media.We are the mainstream.Is there a 'we' or is there only me? I despair of fellow Conservatives.In the UK the Conservatives are so far to the Left they are more like American Democrats.I have very little in common with them to the point that I am thinking of no longer calling myself one.I am ashamed and embarrassed by them.Their proposed reform is so tentative,timorous and peicemeal that it hardly warrants the term. Cameron is a slippery Social Democrat,Tory so- called intelllectuals are seeking to adopt the 'progressive' mantle and there is an unseemly rush to the centre which is already overcrowded - if the centre of a vaccum could be so described.There is a depressing and weary predictability to the Prime Minister in waiting Cameron's pronouncements and but for the fact that another four years of Brown would break the camel's back I find myself wishing for the Tory pre election cat in the bag triumphalist tone to be silenced by hubristic defeat a la Kinnock back in the 90's with his hillarious pre-election victory rally.

It is only when you listen to the ConservativeLabourLiberal Man with his emollient samespeak where words are uttered totally devoid of meaning that you realise just how much work would need to be done to change political dicourse here in the UK,what a Grand Canyon of a chasm there is between the politcal classes and the man on the street who is the victim of the Democratic stitch up and the dumbing down by the Liberal media and State Education establishment. What tyrannical sway the Statists hold over the hapless bemused and hypnotised masses! If it takes two or three generations to breed out the intelligence,indpendence of thought and autonomy of people this is not going to be undone in a generation, if ever.As the spiritual guide and seer Roy Masters has said, it is easy to corrupt someone and brainwash them,almost impossible to undo the damage.A nation reaches a critical mass of rotteness and decay and like the Roman Empire there is no way back.Have we reached this tipping point?

We have to ask a simple question.Are the Tories able and willing to do what will be required to save this country from moral spiritual intellectual decay and death?To ask the question is to the see the folly of such a forlorn hope.Is it sufficient to cross your fingers and hold your nose and just vote Tory? No! They have been given the benefit of the doubt for too long.They have no answers.They have become part of the problem.Whether it be tax,welfare, law and order,BBC,the EU their response is to compromise,parley,appease,temporize,accomodate,,negotiate and surrender.This is betrayal on a industrial scale.It is business as usual,the politics of consensus that Thatcher shattered in the 80's for which she was summarily stabbed in the back by her own party. Since then it has been one long retreat as a default mode for the party that lost its nerve and has been apologising ever since for the one brief moment when it actually believed in something other than power for power's sake.Vote for that? Surely only Conservatives with a self esteem deficit and a masochistic streak could possibly consider accomodating such moral cowardice and delinquency by rewarding it with their vote?

Who will dare question the Sacred Cow of Democracy? Who will point out that the Democratic Emperor is stark naked? Who will challenge the root of Statism, Socialism and Welfarism, which is the rotten intellectually morally bankrupt philosophy of self sacrifice? The sacrifice of the good to the evil,the moral to the imoral,the demented to the sane, the pure to the impure, the industrious to the slothful,the sober to the drunk,the thrifty to the profligate.Step forward men of valour and courage and expect to have a ton of Liberal ordure heaped on top of you!Do not flinch,do not cower and you will come out smelling like a rose.

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