Friday, June 19, 2009

The Palaces Of Socialism Are Built On The Ruins Of Fatherhood

With its crypto religious nomenclature,Socialism, the God that failed has blighted civilisation across the centuries and brought it to its knees.Why has such a patently bogus,false secular religion held such hypnotic sway over the masses and still to this day continues to seduce and inveigle its way into the human psyche? The People of the Lie need sustenance,the lie lovers need lying leaders.

Technologically Mankind grows in leaps and bounds over the generations but morally and spiritually no such growth occurs and each new wave of humanity makes the same old blunders only varying the theme.

Evil came into being through the Woman so the Bible tells us -the first point of contact.The corruption source is the Woman.Christ had no female disciples or Apostles and for good reason.Women were expressly designed to be the helpmeet of man,not his intructor,guide,leader. All modern political movements have the female principle at their core be they Socialism,Communism,,Fascism: Power through seduction,deceit,false promises of earthly glory.The Female Satan Principle lies at the very black heart of all Collectivist States.

Consider their agenda.Communism and Socialism seeks the destruction of the Patriachal Family and its replacement with the 'Cradle to the grave' Welfare Mother State. This is effected by the following means. Easy no-fault divorce, destruction through ridicule of the Male role model through denigration,legalisation of abortion,homosexuality,proselytising the latter in schools to five year old children -sexualising them paedophile fashion,dispensing condoms to minors.This is the work of the Satan Mother Feminist Marxist State seeking the total anhiliation of moral bourgeoise values.

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