Saturday, March 07, 2009

Conservatism Is Next To Godliness!

I am sick of Conservatism being presented in a negative light in the media. The word Tory has always had a pejorative ring but when BBC presenters utter the word the sneer in their voices is clearly discernible.The word Conservative is only ever used on the BBC in a negative context. To refer to someone or a viewpoint as Conservative is the ultimate condemnation, rendering that person or thing totally beyond the pale and outside any civilised discourse or discussion.

This attitude of intolerance and bigotry is all the more offensive when research has shown that to be Conservative is a sign of highly civilised and evolved dispoisition. Conservatives love their children and take better care of them than liberals,are far less liekly to get divorced,take drugs,commit crime and anti social behaviour or end up in jail.If a survey of prisoner's politcal views were taken it is almost certain that the majority would be of a left persuasion which is why the Liberal party wants to give them the vote.They would hardly be putting forward such an outrageous proposal if prisoners were Conservative in their beliefs!

Conservatives are often charged with lack of compassion but this is just another egregious misrepresentation and slur.The difference betweeen liberals and Conservatives is that liberals have compassion for evil people whereas Conservatives have compassion for good people. Quite a big difference when yiu think about it.

The only criticism of Conservatives I have is that they are too prone to take such misrepresentation lying down and that they are not robust enough in their defence of freedom which is under systematic attack from liberalism. Conservatism is about a small State and defence of individual rights which means minimal taxation and interference from the State in the affairs of the individual.Rather than standing on these core principles Conservatives are too apt to mimic Liberals in moral panic and promise salvation via the State which is a betrayal of everything Conservatism is supposed to stand for. People are crying out for a champion of freedom from the bully State and a populist Conservative party would wipe the floor with the liberal alternatives if only the Conservatives would wake up to this fact and seize the day.

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