Monday, June 29, 2009

Time Wounds All Heels

Channel surfing as I do I came across and Indian TV satelite channel playing an old Krishnamurti lecture.He spent 40 minutes telling people in his characteristicalyy 'exploratory' way that the problem of Fear is caused by Thought.And Time. Words and thinking are the problem.Thinking about tomorrow.Sitting upright, sedate and somewhat rigidly he peppered his discourse with 'are you following me?' None of the audience piped up and asked him the obvious question: why if words are the problem have you spent the last 40 minutes using words -isn't this a glaring contradiction?Wonder what he would have said.

His core message was attenuated to say the least.We are divided by religious identities he claimed.Fair enough.But then his piece de resistance seemed to be that the main problem with us is this false concept of Self,Individuality.In pure Hinduist fashion he said this is an illlusion.We are all one.There is no division.To me this is bunkum.If someone hit him on the head with a blunt instrument would anyone else feel it but him?.Others may empathise but they wouldn't be the ones with a very sore head.He would.

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