Saturday, March 07, 2009

Crime Under The Socialist State

People often wonder why the Government can never come to grips with burgeoning crime when the answer may be staring us in the face - albeit it may somewhat alarming.Big Governments that are ideologically driven do not regard crimes against the individual as being that important and sees social causes behind crime which renders it disinclined to allow the punishment to fit the crime.

What really excercises Governments of a totalitarian stripe is a fictitious concept called 'Crimes against the State' -and for this is punishes people most severely.Failure to comply with tax laws for instance will land you in jail quicker than mugging or burglary.Governments that are Socialist drven will be very lenient on crimes against the individual and very harsh on what it terms 'political crimes'.This explains why we appear to live in a country fit for robbers and muggers and why the innocent have to look over their shoulder in Brown's Britain before expressing an opinion for fear of being apprehended by police force on the lookout for Thoughtcrime.

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