Sunday, September 20, 2009

Neue Labour Macht Frei

As the New Labour project putters to its denoument no one who favours freedom over tyranny can be that optimistic about the incoming Cameron Project.Conservatives on other blogs seem to think that a Tory government can improve on the mess left by Labour but the feeble and half hearted reforms they are promising will clearly not do the job which means it will be business as usual,politics as usual -unless a new way is presented and there seems to be no one or no organisation coming forward with the kind of radical solutions to the UK's ills that would be required to save it from its present predicament.Perhaps it is the case that a country can reach a tipping point when things have gone so far that nothing can save it from terminal decline.I think we have reached that stage.In 1979 when Labour last took the country to the economic brink at least we had Thatcher to start her revolution.Now we have David Cameron...

So what can be done? I think the Conservatives are a bust flush and there is no point thinking that they will be able to offer the radical reform or revolution required.We will have to look elsewhere.At this point my ruminations lead me to a large blank out.Do my thousands of readers have any answers?Until Conservative voters come to the same conclusion about the Party that I have come to we are set for more of the same I am afraid.

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