Wednesday, July 22, 2009

John McDonnel Socialist Asshole

I don't often fight an urge to thow something at the TV but I had to last evening listening to the trogluddite Socialist John Mcdonnel calling for 'massive redistribution of wealth' to fight the supposed gap between rich and poor which according to a report out Monday instigated by Brown has grown ever wider under this Labour government over the last 10 years.We all know why that is.Social mobility flourishes under a meritocracy.Under a mediocracy is goes into reverse.Egalitarian Socialist meddling,Social engineering,tampering with exam results, dumbing down the curicula,ending grammar schools,punitive taxation, all drive excelllence to the wall and rewards mediocracy, creating a stagnant effluent society.Welcome to Nu Labour Britain.What better representative of this non aspiring,whining, loser failed state UK than the grievance mongering mediocrity himself Mcdonnel,Socialist throwback Old Labour mafioso godfather figure.And John Snow was in awe at this towering intellectual figure of the Left.'What you are asking for is a revolution isn't it?' he drooled.The mauling rottweiller of interviewers became a docile and fawning lickspittle.

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