Saturday, March 07, 2009

Capitalism Still Rules

Capitalism may be going through its dark night of the soul but who truly imagines that Socialism is our slavation?It can surely be no coincidence that every time the UK faces financial oblivion there is a Labour government in office.

To believe that Socialism can save Capitalism is to believe that foxes should guard hen houses.Every other politician is on the make,bending the spirit of the law on their expenses and most would not recognise fiancial probity if it kicked them in the teeth.

Brown was never a supporter of the free market and the banks fiasco has been a blessing for him as he gives his Socialist impulses free rein,nationalising the banks and seizing total control of the money supply like any power-crazed third world kleptocrat.

As it has been clearly demonstrated that command style Keynsian economics protracts recessions rather than curing them there is no excuse to go down that road to serfdom again.Only someone historically illiterate could retread that old ground.

The banks should have beeen allowed to take the hit and learn the painful lesson thus being more likely not to repeat such folly in future.The danger of Socialst intervention is that one bail out necessitates the next and future generations of tax payers are in hock to perpetuity.The banks hunger for tax payer bail outs will only grow with the feeding.

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