Saturday, March 07, 2009

Teacher Teach Thyself

With tens of thousands of children falling off the school rolls at 14,record levels of truancy,(not to mention the thousands of parents who collude with their children's absence by phoning them in sick each morning) perhaps it is time to examine why the State schools are failing so many of their pupils.

We tend to think that if child does not like attending school there must be something wrong with the child but dare it be suggested that there might just be something wrong with school? Rather than addressing this the Government typically approaches the problem from the wrong end and issues a declaration that all children will have to stay in some form of education until they are 18!

Tens of thousands of children leave school unable to read or write which should be a national scandal and yet the government proposes that they remain in a system that has palpably failed them, showing what an extraordinary state of denail it is in.

If we take our car to the mechanic and he fails to fix it do we pay him? Why then do we continue to pay for a school system which is clearly dysfunctional and is failing so many of our children?

The school system should be opened up to competition.The Teachers Union have got a stranglehold on it and the results have been nothing short of calimitous.One teacher at a recent conference even declared boldy that teaching children phonics, ie by the sound of words as opposed to allowing them to guess what words mean, was quote 'Right Wing'!

The curiculum across the board is riddled by an insidious toxic political correctness and Socialist ideology which is enough to dull the minds of the keenest of students.Every subject has been so infected from Geography to History,English to Science.

Schools must be freed from the pernicious sway of Council employed Socialist minded teachers giving parents the freedom to choose their children's education free from State imposed dictat and the cleverly manipulative Social engineering of lottery and postal code selection.Those who choose the independent rout should also be given tax cuts as it is quite wrong not to say immoral for them to be forced to subsides a system they quite justifiaby have no faith in whatsoever.

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