Saturday, March 07, 2009

Coucil Tax Grab

The council tax is really a misnomer as it is actually a property tax.It is a pernicious Socialist imposition and has doubled under this wretched Labour administration.

Everyone receives the same 'services' from the council so why should they not pay the same council tax? After all,when people go shopping they are not asked questions about their income or property -everyone pays the same for a loaf of bread and the price of goods and services are not predicated on some absurd egalitarian notion of 'fairness' or 'ability to pay. Only in Government are the laws of logic and justice arbitrarily suppended.

Now and again some hapless OAP is sent to jail for refusing to pay this iniquitous Socialist tax,but if instead of being picked off individually there were to be an en masse non payment a clear message would be sent to this rapacious Government that this council tax is an extortionate criminal tax too far.

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