Friday, July 03, 2009

Criminal Thinking

The Howard In League With Criminals Reform Group has just published a commissioned report which revealed that in the UK there are too many criminals being sent to prison! Meanwhile back in the real world most people know that only a tiny fraction of those criminals who should be in prison actually are.

This absurd organisation of criminal enablers goes on to make the ridiculous assertion that 'prison doesn't work'.Not if you let the criminals out after five minutes so they can resusme their life of crime it doesn't -or if you have 'life' sentences which last 15 years and then the psycho is free to carry on his criminal career.Hardly Newtonian physics is it?

After performing these amazing somersaults of reason and hare brained ratiocination the HLPR numpties make the following proposal for solving this 'problem '. Instead of sending criminals to jail we should be giving them money and gifts to alleviate their 'Social Deprivation'!How many years in University studying Sociology did these genuises spend to enable them to come to such a staggering conclusion?

Of course as we know, Liberals make a career out of promoting counter intuitive and sublimely nonsensical illogical ideas which they periodically inflict on the hapless population.Perhaps it is a conspiracy to drive us all nuts with their nonsense but whatever the case the best thing all right thinking people can do is ignore them or listen and then do the exact opposite of whatever it is they are proposing. Then all our problems really will be solved.

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