Saturday, August 01, 2009

America Under Foreign Occupation

The Trojan Horse Muslim Manchurian Candidate Faux President Obummer let slip his mask this week fomenting racial hatred with his comments about the arrested professor.His beer at the Whitehouse shennanigans compounded his foolishness and has furthered the impression of a shallow opportunist president with deplorable judgement.

This racist smooth talking demagogue is busily embarked upon a Socialist Communist takeover of America's healthcare system seeking to reduce it to the shambles of the UK Socialist NHS.This is truly an American tragedy in the making.

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niconoclast said...

£982 million - schools
£609 million - social care for families and children
£461 million - adult social care
£361 million - everything else inc transport, libraries, museums, env protection, waste disposal & youth services

So, KCC has a total budget of nearly £2.5 billion for a population of 1.4 million. 75% of the money comes from centrall government out of central taxation.

Surely if localism is to mean anything, that ratio has got to change. But it will be a brave politician who opens the hornet's nest of local government finance.

One other point. More than two thirds of the entire KCC budget is spent on children related services. I must admit that's a figure I hadn't been aware of. Indeed, from the breakdown provided, only about 10% of the budget is spent on services for people who don't have children in state education or relations in social care.

I think these figures goes a long way to explaining why much of the electorate feels very remote from local government sometimes.