Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Rich ARE Different

The likes of Allan Sillitoe on Desert Island Discs this morning seem to think that the rich create the poor.To paraphrase he said with audible anger in his voice that those who make excess profit from the poor should be strung up on lamp posts.Now let us reason together.If the rich were removed from the picture over night would the poor suddenly find their feet and liberated from the yoke laid on them by the rich become successful,well-off individuals?Does this scenario not stretch credulity to breaking point? Yet it is what is implicit in the Leftist narrative of exploitation and Capitalism.

If the rich did do a disappearing act the poor would have no one to blame for their miserble state than themselves so the Left should pray that the rich will always be with us so they can have a permanent hate figure scape goat upon which to focus their fear and loathing on and upon whom they depend for their carreer of appropriation and plunder via taxation.

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