Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Evil Of Psychology

The Gary Mckinnon case involving the UK cyber terrorist who the Americans want to extradite encapsulates what is wrong with the modern pathologising and therfor excusing and whitewashing of human evil.This moron decided he would hack into US military comoputers ostensibly to explore his obsession with UFO and conspiracy theories.The Daily Mail is organising a campaign to stop the extradition on the absurd grounds that McKinnon is suffering from 'Aspergers Syndrome' and was not responsible for his actions.

Leaving aside the fact that this once great newspaper has lurched to the Left in recent years and is now anti American,anti Israel and anti War on Terror this is an inexcusable populist campaign on its behalf and plays to the modish inclination of the Left to attempt to excuse away every form of human evil by giving it some bogus psychological term,inventing new conditions on a regular basis.Thus children who behave badly are not naughty or bad but are suffering from ADD and given drugs.Criminal and delinquent behaviour used to be punished.Today it is 'treated'.Psychobabblers have moved in to the criminal justice system and are ever ready to explain away every imoral act as a psychological affliction.Criminals go to hospital instead of jail.

McKinnon should be extradited.His imoral delinquent actions of military espionage could have triggered an international incident with nuclear weapons.What on earth is the Daily Mail and those idiotic Conservative politicians thinking of in defending him?

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