Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tories Are all Socialists Now

The latest Tory Tax proposal of 45p on those earning £100000 is just another dismal example of what happens when a political party abandons principle for pragmatism and thinks it can operate in an ideological vacuum.Divorced from reality it stumbles into the territory of its supposed opponents accepting all their socialist programmes and is reduced to merely haggling over tax percentage points.

Conservatives are spineless,gutless,cowardly and fundamentally immoral.They despise philosophy and end up taking on board the philosophy of their opponents as it is not possible to be an ideological free zone.They have never challenged the premise behind income tax which is essentailly Marxist,Socialist Communist egalitarian,redistributive and criminal, reducing the population to mere serfs of the State,enslaved to a class of theiving Socialist bureaucrats.

Here is the wretched and obscene endgame of a party that prides itself on militant ideological ignorance and pragmatism.It is left floundering in a moral quagmire, up to its neck in Socialist ordure.

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