Saturday, June 20, 2009

Healey Thyself

You can always tell where a person is coming from if they hate Margaret Thatcher.It is a litmus test.The unalloyed hatred of the Left toewards her is very instructive.It is almost 20 years since the great Revolutionary Leader was ousted by the moral pygmies of her Party yet the Left still cannot hear her name uttered without going into paroxysms of Pavlovian rage and foam-flecked fury.

The latest example of this phenomenon was the vile and odious 'Lord' Healey on BBC's Radio 4 Desert Island Discs who barely having opened his mouth vilified her memory with a monstrous canard,namely that she was a bad politician because she had no interest in the arts or music.This when it is well documented that she likes poetry and music.But moreover,this from a spiteful and malicious failure of a politician whose disastrous Socialist policies brought the country to its knees, forcing the inept chancellor - none other than Healey himself - to go grovelling ignominiously to the IMF for a bailout.To this day the wretched man cannot bring himself to acknowledge the massive and invaluable contribution Thatcher made to the economic and political revival of this country.

He is I suppose, more to be pitied than despised, but I do wish the BBC would not treat such discredited relics of the Socialist 70's Left with such hallowed deference and respect as if they were an institution when in reality they belong in one.

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