Sunday, April 30, 2017

Socialism Rules

The power of socialism to still be a thing despite the millions slaughtered on its altar in the last 100 years is testimony to the power of faith over reason and the sheer emotional pull of this irrational toxic creed for this election is essentially being contested between two socialists who only disagree in degree about how much state interference there should be and even  the idea that there is any alternative to these variants of collectivism and statism is simply not on the agenda for the public's consideration such is the anti intellectual and inherently anti freedom and individual rights nature of  democracy itself.

This point is so foreign and alien to people and runs so counter to the general understanding of the purpose of the state and is practically never discussed which is testimony to the complete triumph of statism in the culture and an illustration of how incredibly difficult,daunting hard and difficult it will be to penetrate challenge and overcome it.

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