Tuesday, April 04, 2017

The Baby State

The State paying people to have children? No, not China but Great Britain and and its ever burgeoning welfare state. The fact that no one thinks it at all sinister that the State is determining how many children people have is what's sinister. We have become so accustomed to this state of affairs we think nothing of it and get lost in the weeds of gov policy -should it be two children who are state subsidised or 3? and we miss the whole horror of the concept of State baby engineering itself.This is the way every welfare issue is discussed and presented,the concretes dominating the debate and the principles nowhere in sight.Even the so called right wing press will not deal with the issue as almost everybody is on some sort of benefit or the other and it would alienate its readership.

Until the public is presented with a philosophical argument against welfare which attacks the ideas behind it and their source ie religion with its altruistic,brother's keeper selflessness the madness will continue,the Brave New Welfare State will grow and the autonomous individual with rights will be completely eliminated to be replaced with State produced serfs/Eloi fattened and bred to be devoured by their masters.

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