Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Arguments From Faith

It is interesting that the oddball pro religionist Peter Hitchens attacks atheists for holding their position in order he claims to allow themselves to be hedonists with impunity, as if there is no rational argument against God, whilst at the same time opining that he cannot stand the idea that after death is nothing and he will never see his loved ones again.A faith system based on hopes wishes and fears is hardly one that commends itself to anyone in the pursuit of truth and seems little better than one based on the infantile wish that St Claus really existed.

One cannot help but notice that although Hitchens deplores the alleged ad hominem attacks of  the modern atheists on believers he is perfectly able and willing to indulge in the ad hominems himself, seemingly oblivious of this blatant contradiction. But in the absence of any rational arguments his options in that department are indeed severely limited.

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