Tuesday, April 25, 2017

French Elections: Herpes 1 or 2?

Voting Ukip to bring about withdrawal of the UK from the EU made sense but who would want a Ukip government with its nativist,xenophobic,protectionsit anti capitalist agendas? This is not something we have to worry about as the party continues to implode spectacularly with its clownish 'leader' who bizarely and surrealy enough has apparently not even made up his mind yet whether he is even going to be  standing at the election and is prone to every gaffe, a Mr Magoo of British politics indeed.

No, we have nothing to fear but the French have as Marine edges closer to possible leadership of the country in a week. Her promise to hold a referendum of EU membership is salutary but her policies are Ukip on speed,unsavoury to the extreme. Then there is Macho an arch federalist and Anglophobe who will further entrench EU sclerotic anti democratic institutions and make negotiation over British withdrawal harder than they are already.

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