Sunday, April 09, 2017

Trump, Read my Lips, I'm Lying Again

Wonder how many dramatic volte faces Trump will have to perform before his blind followers turn on him or will he like the cult leader he resembles take them right over the precipice as they are declaring their undying love for the blessed leader. Whether it be the disastrous failure to repeal Obummercare or the mindless kneejerk empty gestured attack on Syria which can only aid Al Queda rebel forces and that had  all  the thought and consideration of one of Trump's mindless tweets it seems there is no length and depth of delusion that his supporters are not prey to.

The fact that Trump is rationalising his irrational act of lashing out in anger at Syria with religious language of the most embarrassing sanctimonious kind is the most disturbing aspect of this sorry affair -that and his outright betrayal of the promise to conduct Us foreign policy on the doctrine of America first when no possible American interest is served by his actions which indeed run the risk of creating yet another failed State alongside its growing list of such in Iraq,Afghanistan and Libya where it has been fighting its proxy wars using Vietnam as its template.

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