Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Free Will

Most lefties reject the idea of the existence of free will in favour of determinism for obvious reasons. Free will connotes the idea of human autonomy,the ability to change one's circumstances -anathema to the left who want to posit that man has no free will and is economically socially determined and is stuck with no hope of salvation  -except through the state of course that will provide all the goods and benefits that the helpless socially determined cannot possibly attain for themselves.

Strangely enough it is the religionists who argue for free will for some reason I cannot fathom although the guru cultist Roy Masters used to say in his characteristically opaque way that there was no such thing as free will as God gave man free will knowing in advance that he would screw up and salvation consisted in recognising this fact and giving up the human will.This is an obvious contradiction but of course the religionists can explain it all away as a divine mystery.

Some liberals characteristically like to have it both ways and claim that free will and determinism are compatable which of course is nonsense. It is self evident that man has free will and to think otherwise is the preserve of mystics and liberals who characteristically tend towards the irrational.

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