Monday, April 17, 2017


Dennis Prager's without God murder is ok video which has gone semi viral is a direct lift from Dostoyevsky's without God everything is permitted but it is still good and instructive to hear a renowned Christian making such an ass of himself in public by articulating such a preposterous view which is of course the standard religious position albeit usually couched in deliberately opaque and indirect language to avoid  scaring the horses.

It is something Peter Hitchens however oft espouses claiming there is no alternative to faith in the realm of morality,that man is incapable of formulating a moral value system that comes anywhere near to approaching  the ultimate moral system of faith and Christianity.

Man has free will and can choose to either accept or reject God's offer of a ready made automatic unquestionable moral system requiring man's absolute obedience and acquiescence but  any attempt he makes to formulate his own morality through the application of reason and common sense will, those of faith tell us, lead to disaster misery and human destruction because no such system will work out well for mankind.

God dictates that murder is evil but he can change his mind at will and instruct the carrying out of murder when it suits him not to mention his injunction to Abraham to kill his only son so it is a clearly capricious,subjectivist whim driven deity we are invited to subject ourselves to.

All this leaves any rational person to conclude that the truth  is the very opposite of what Prager posits: With God there can be no morality and anything is permitted -including murder  which incidentally,religion has been doing for thousands of years leaving a long bloody trail of carnage and genocide behind it, a fact conveniently albeit unsurprisingly  missing from Prager's argument.

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