Thursday, April 27, 2017

Borris Bails

Borris Johnson had ample opportunity to attack Jeremy Corbyn's socialism on the Today prog with John Humphries but he did not.Why? The answer is simple.Tories cannot mount a principled spirited philosophical attack on socialism because they share its fundamental premises of my brother's keeper self sacrifice altruism.Instead of such an attack what did we get but the  characteristically tired Johnsonian knockabout ad hominem name calling.

Once again we have a general election where principles will not be discussed and personalities are to the fore. If only the electorate had the courage fortitude or just plain common sense to stay away from the polls in June and send a clear unequivocal message of none of the above to these moral and intellectual pygmies grown fat and on the public trough of emoluments we might end up with mature enlightened government.

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