Monday, April 10, 2017

Religion's Endgame in Middle East

Religion began in the Middle East possibly and it will end there as even the most purblind come round to seeing that it is the chief cause of all the mischief mahem and devastation across the world throughout human history. The secular totalitarians were mere amateurs,they have come and gone but only religion endures to inflict its misery on its victims and even the secular tyrants took their cue and ideology from ancient mystics with absolutist rule,deification of the leader,a cult like worship of the personality, unquestioning allegiance, belief in the mystical powers of the leader,persecution of detractors etc but religion trumps it because of its promise of eternal victory beyond the grave which even the communist and Nazis could not promise.

But as the empty promise of eternal triumph begins to ring hollow as the adherents notice that their material lifestyle is not improving but deteriorating as opposed to the wealth of the secular West,that they have no progress and are living in squalor and poverty they will begin to either question their absurd beliefs and become secular or die in mass poverty and simply die out altogether as all morribund corrupt cultures and civilizations have throughout history. The West need only stand and watch as dispassionate observers but to get involved and take sides with one of the the warring factions is a grand folly which even though all the recent evidence testifies to the West is still alas doing.

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