Sunday, April 30, 2017

God Bless Checks and Balances

Trump's 100 days has illustrated that even though a president be mad as Trump undoubtedly is he can be contained in office by the traditional checks and balances and the stabilising influence of wiser counsel around him although the term wiser in this context has to be relative.

He has the mental instability of the North Korean leader but is checked by the robust institutions that go to make the political architecture of a free country and this alone has saved the country and the wider world from the ravages of an untrammelled uncontained Trump presidency.

It is to be hoped that  this state of affairs continues and the capricious attention deficit Trump will tire of his presidential role as he has already showed signs of doing and he quits before his first term is up or gets bogged down in all the investigations into his corrupt crony behaviour in office and is forced out prematurely.

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