Monday, May 01, 2017

Return of Ideology

There is a good sign in the culture of a return to ideology after a long period where the political establishment had gathered together in a cosy consensus of mushy middle ground social democracy. Now with the advent of Bernie Sanders Trump Le Pen and Corbyn etc we have a chance to revisit the old battles that were never fully resolved even in the Thatcher era.

There is however a stubborn refusal to recognize this radical shift in politics and it is coming from the right ie conservatism.For the latter it appears to be business as usual rather like a team playing by rules that have been torn up and they haven't noticed.Theresa May is playing the Cameron Blairite role but even when the Labour party has abandoned it for socialism, making May in consequence look shifty and Corbyn principled which is an accurate characterisation.

The media is uncomfortable with this new state of affairs and is still acting as if it had not occurred,presenting Corbyn as a mad man for having the temerity to actually believe and advocate strongly for his principles in clear, totally uncompromising Thatcherite terms.They would rather concentrate on his quirky untelegenic personality and where they do attack his ideas it is for having the nerve to articulate an actual ideology.

People might contrast the principled Corbyn position with the shifty anti ideological opportunism and shallowness of May who appears to be concerned with attaining office above any guiding principle or idea. People may begin to wonder if Corbyn can argue for pure socialism why can't the tories argue for pure capitalism if it is now ok to wear one's ideology on one's sleeve.Now that would make politics interesting again and the battle of ideas could then be truly joined.

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