Saturday, April 15, 2017

How Democracy Fooled All the People All the Time

It is extraordinary how Democracy, a system specifically designed to deprive people of their liberty freedom and individual rights could have so successfully presented itself as the sole guarantor of those things. Such a total triumph of deception has at least to be marveled at if not respected.Such is the high esteem with which democracy is held by everyone that it has even been the pretext of humanitarian wars, itself a terrible concept, in order to visit this prized commodity upon other Democracy-deprived nations much to their invariable chagrin and resistance. True those resistant to the alleged charms of Democracy are usually totalitarian in character and resist it not in defense of the principle of individual rights but of tyranny.

Herein lies the rub for the champions of Democracy always pose a false alternative in their defense of the latter namely  Democracy or tyranny. No one wants people to know that the alternative to Democracy and tyranny is liberty! It is so hard to liberate them from the thrall of received wisdom,a Herculean task indeed that it has hardly ever been attempted except by a few brave souls who have been roundly vilified for their trouble.

No one would dream of applying the principle of democracy to their shopping,putting their shopping list up for a vote and if they did the results would be infuriating as they may have included on their list lasagne and baked beans but could well end up with corned beef and custard or anything but lasagne and baked beans.If they would not do that with their shopping why do they do that with their child's education or their healthcare? Blank out.

As usual if we trace all the nonsense of democracy with its false claims and flagrant violations of rights to its source we eventually end up with the usual suspect, religion and its evil creed of self sacrifice and altruism.Unless and until we identify the root cause of democracy's hold over people and challenge it philosophically we will never be rid of it and it will con tinue to fly under false flags and wreak its havoc on all it purports to represent and defend.

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