Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Between Gibralta Rock and a Spanish Place

Gibralta and the Spanish mainland may be geographically cheek by jowl  but politically they could be in different continents. Gibralta has near to zero taxation and near to no unemployment  whilst Spain has astronomic taxes and equally high unemployment. As an object lesson in the contrast between socialism versus capitalism it could not be bettered. Of course no one is going to draw on such a lesson and advocate capitalsim and the reason is the one I give at regular intervals namely the code of altruism with its my brother's keeper religious roots.Until people divest themselves of that philosophy they will continue to deny the evidence under their nose and vote for impoverishment and zero growth a la Spain and no amount of elementary Economics will sway them as it is morality that guides people not economics.

Spain could take heed of the Gibralta experience,slash its taxes and see unemployment fall to Gibraltan levels but it will not as the political class has a stranglehold on the system and they would rather engage in sabre rattling,seize Gibralta and reduce it to the same economic emiseration as it in the same way that socialist countries invaded non socialist ones in the last century to plunder and depradate what their system prevented its people from creating, namely wealth and prosperity.

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