Sunday, April 02, 2017

Softly softly Tusk Force

So much of animal 'rights' protest is virtue signalling,ignoble people pursuing noble causes and the campaign against the ivory trade brings them out in force.Elephants are like any other natural resource,to be used by man for trade.Without ivory would anyone have heard of Beethoven and Chopin. And ivory art is a wonder to behold. Let it not be forgotten that animal rights is an oxymoron as rights pertain only to humans as only they can conceive of the concept.When animals can conceive and put into writing a declaring of human rights then and only then will they be entitled to them.All the while individual rights are being violated across the board around the world on a daily basis to be concerned and exercised over the faux rights of animals is a form of moral delinquency of the lowest order.

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