Thursday, April 20, 2017

The One Party State We're In

Well we have heard Corbyn in full Red rant this morning,the predictable hate and envy mongering of Labour but it is unlikely that May will provide much of a contrast being a left wing tory whose speech on becoming leader could have been written by any Labour member so it is going to be a depressing six weeks of bromides and plattitudes and noises from the statist quo,a two chord dirge from which it will be near impossible to escape.

O for a speech that does not appeal to the worst in people, that promises a radical reduction and pushing back of the state,a recognition or even discussion of the proper role of government, a radical uncompromising defense of freedom liberty and the only system that can deliver those things,free market unregulated capitalism.

Corbyn is right about one thing: it is a rigged system -rigged towards statist meddling, regulating and taxing. Do not expect any discussion about that in what  is now effectively a one party state -the only possible outcome of the democratic system that implicitly denies and negates individual rights.

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