Wednesday, April 12, 2017

How Your Mind Can F##k You Up

I make no apologies for confessing that for too many years I was involved in a religious cult of Roy Masters which for all its profession of being different from conventional organised religion preached its  standard anti mind anti intellect trope. The epistemological chaos that results in such teaching is incalculable as it divides the self from itself,creating alienation, leaving the victim drifting around in a fog of directionless mental chaos and waiting for some mystical intervention to give meaning to a meaningless world.Thinking is difficult and requires effort but Masters teaches that effort is egotistical and the ego is evil and has to be overcome by a total surrender to the higher being of God.

As most people do not take such nonsense literally they manage to live normal enough lives which of course is hypocrisy but it achieves the goal of perpetuating faith whilst relying on reason to maintain  human existence and flourishing in much the same way that the pro reason capitalist part of the mixed economy allows it to perpetuate, the socialist part of the mix  parasitically living off the capitalist part as religion lives parasitically off those who have not renounced reasoned thinking and effort.

Thinking is not something that appears to be taught in the educational system amazing as this is. Imagine a sporting academy where no sport took place at all or a music academy where no music was taught. Schools teach what to think not how to think and it is hard to see how this is anything other than deliberate and ideologically motivated. A mentally supine society is easier to control and manipulate and this is something all religions and cults practice to hold their victims in dependency and stupefaction.

In politics the same epistemological chaos reigns and it is all too obvious to see the advantages for politicians in this arrangement and it explains why people persistently vote in to power politicians who cause them harm and deprivation but who enrich themselves in the process.

Thinking is the enemy of tyranny whether educational religious or political and is the only tool of freedom and liberty and has to be exercised on a daily basis if the forces of evil are to be kept at bay and ultimately defeated.

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