Thursday, April 06, 2017

Labour's War on Excellence

It is an open secret that Labour wants to close down private schools and this latest announcement of raising Vat on fees is just another step towards that end as it will drive thousands of parents back into the State education system which is its deliberate intent.

It was pitiful to hear one worried parent saying they had made 'sacrifices' to send their child to private school as it was not receiving the necessary education in the state system and that it was unfair to target struggling middle class families who could not afford the hike and that it should rather be directed towards the rich who could cope with the rise of fees.(!) First of all if you value your child's education above spending money on home improvements and holidays abroad as was cited by aforementioned parent how is spending the money on your child's education a 'sacrifice'? A sacrifice is where a lesser value is prioritised over a greater one so lots of confusion there alone. But the main argument and proper defense against this vindictive criminal proposal should have been that said parents already pay into the wretched State system that screws with children's minds but do not use it so are effectively paying twice already for their child's education and rather than paying more should actually be getting a tax deduction for paying into a system they are not using because it is so damn awful.

Unless the victims of this evil proposition get their act together and mount as proper spirited focused defense of their right to choose their child's education without being persecuted and punished for it the assault on their freedom to choose will be eroded piecemeal out of existence which is how socialists operate - long term, insidiously and sinuously to their desired evil end.

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