Thursday, April 06, 2017

Syria - Weapons of Mass Hypocrisy

Here we go again,mock outrage at Syria's use of chemical weapons, huge servings of pious cant all round, the UN in overdrive of pseudo outrage,an attack of the moral vapours that should fool nobody. Let us not confuse moral principle with virtue signalling in this ,matter. America ended the second world war with chemical weapons dropping them on Japan -a worthy recipient which enabled it to return to civilization.

 Whether a person is hit on the head with a hammer half a dozen times or poisoned with chemicals is neither here nor there, the means of their death is irrelevant,they are just as dead either way, and it is not a moral issue except to those who want to make it one to cover up their true motives,ie virtue signalling and moral posturing.

War is ghastly and it should be to deter people from engaging in it except where absolutely necessary. Indeed the nastier it is the better as it serves as a deterrent to those who would start one.The objective of war should be a short sharp shock,total ruthlessnes to eliminate the enemy as efficiently and in as short a time as possible,not to drag it out with faux proxy wars. Only liberals believe deludedly that wars can be fought on politically correct,Queensberry rules,an environmentally friendly war preferably with no casualties.This just leads to endless never to be resolved conflict such as our open ended,never to be ended so called war on terror.

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